About the LeanOhio Network

The LeanOhio Network includes hundreds of people from different agencies, but they’re united in one big way: They’re taking action to make government simpler, faster, better, and less costly.

Network members are learning new tools and techniques. They’re seeking out opportunities to use their know-how. When opportunities can’t be found, they’re creating them. They’re teaming up to help each other. And they’re teaching others as they go, so that more people get more involved in creating positive change.

This website provides a comprehensive LeanOhio Network directory, with information about each Network member.

For current Network members, there’s an online form where they can submit information for their directory listing — and a separate form for providing updates. And if you qualify to be a member yourself, you can complete the submission form too.

There’s a second form that anyone can use to tell about a Lean-related event in their agency. Maybe it was a Kaizen event. Maybe it was a relatively quicker Lean activity, such as development of a process map followed by a redesign. Perhaps it involved the creation of a control chart or set of meaningful measures or something else that fits under the Lean Six Sigma umbrella. There are plenty of success stories under way, and this quick-take form is one way to make sure those stories are told.

If you’re not a Network member but you want to be a part of it, click here to learn about the one key requirement.