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Lean for Government Certification is a week-long training on Lean Six Sigma tools and methods. With its focus on the public sector, it is designed to fit the needs of state agencies.

Scott Anderson

Ohio Auditor of StateOhio Performance Team
Work Phone: 614-466-5059

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Black Belt

Black Belt Gov Wave IB

Black Belt Project: SNAP Application Process Improvement (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

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Sarah Wade

ADA/504 Program Manager Ohio Department of TransportationDivision of Opportunity, Diversity & Inclusion
Work Phone: 614-466-3979
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Black Belt

Black Belt, November 2012

Led a Kaizen event for the restructuring of the ADA/504 Transition Plan Creation process. Event was internal to the Office of Equal Opportunity. (See results below)

Title: Title VI & ADA/504 Specialist for the Ohio Department of Transportation in the Division of Chief Legal Counsel and Equal Opportunity, Office of Equal Opportunity.

In December of 2012, Sarah completed a Master’s Degree in Business in Operational Excellence degree from the Max. M. Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. The MBOE program focuses on Operational Excellence in service and/or manufacturing, including concentration on value stream management, Lean initiatives, new products and innovation, material and information flow, tough problem solving, and leadership. She also earned Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification through Moresteam University/OSU Fisher College of Business.

Additional Education:
Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Bachelor of Business Administration, 2008
Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Master of Business Administration, 2010
The Ohio State University, Master of Business Operational Excellence, 2012 – Operational Excellence in Service and Manufacturing, Value Stream Management, Stabilizing Operations, Creating and Managing Flow, Leadership and Managing Change, Solving Tough Problems; Six Sigma Black Belt, Managing Change and Innovation, Managing the Extended Value Stream.

Facilitation Experience:
Kaizen event facilitation
Kaizen scoping process in advance of a Kaizen event
Pareto analysis
Root cause analysis
Control chart
Measurement-related efforts
Process mapping

Teaching & Mentoring:
Has presented informational sessions about Lean, Kaizen, and/or Six Sigma
Has served as a trainer in classes on Lean, Kaizen, and/or Six Sigma
Informally coached on certain aspects of Lean, Kaizen, and/or Six Sigma

Kaizen Event:
Sarah led a Kaizen event to improve the Ohio Department of Transportation’s ADA/504 Transition Plan Creation Process
Before Kaizen event: 16-week processing time, late submissions, and a 70% 1st time defect rate rate caused late submissions and increased scrutiny in our ADA/504 program from our Federal oversight authority.
After event: Publish a 100% accurate ADA/504 Transition Plan biennially.
Current status: Completed, but ongoing as the goal is continuous improcement.
More results: overall rework reduction of 79%, 1st time quality improvement from 30% to 82%, 65% reduction of SME utilization (from 75-26), reduced processing time by 60% (from 5 weeks to no more than 2 weeks), and reduced data collection time by 60% (from 10 weeks to no more than 4 weeks).


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