LeanOhio Program Office

The LeanOhio Program Office provides State agencies with a full range of expertise relating to Lean, Kaizen, and Six Sigma. Office associates are Lean experts who serve as internal systems improvement consultants. Services include training, strategic planning, meeting facilitation, data collection and analysis, and Lean event leadership.

Photo of  Michael  Buerger
Michael Buerger Systems Improvement Consultant LeanOhio, DAS
Work Phone: 614-466-6023

Black Belt

Michael Buerger brings to LeanOhio his experience developed at the Ohio Department of Transportation, where he worked as a trainer and facilitator. He has worked with countless classes and focus groups made up of a wide range of State employees, including middle management staff as well as executive leadership teams. It’s this diverse experience, coupled with his advanced skills in emotional intelligence, that has allowed Michael to coach others and promote personal development in the workplace. He uses his education in business and information technology along with the deep enthusiasm he has for people to help LeanOhio reach its goals.

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Photo of  Scot  Burbacher
Scot Burbacher Ohio Department of Administrative ServicesLeanOhio
Work Phone: 614-728-8411

Black Belt

Black Belt training completed January 2015

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Photo of  Racquel  Graham
Racquel Graham Systems Improvement Consultant LeanOhio, DAS
Work Phone: 614-466-6022

Green Belt

Black Belt, Cintas
Green Belt, Cintas, Wave I

Racquel Graham has a wealth of experience in the public sector in two states, developing quality and performance improvement initiatives, leadership development programs, and providing organizational consulting. She is a master trainer and facilitator, leading strategic planning and quality improvement processes, designing and presenting training programs, and managing complex projects. She is passionate about helping individuals and organizations to grow and improve. “What’s exciting about LeanOhio is that people discover that they can change processes, learn the tools to do it, and take pride in making improvements for their customers and their organizations.”


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