Want to join the LeanOhio Network?

The LeanOhio Network is rapidly expanding, and the door is open to new members.

The one requirement is that you must be actively interested and involved in Lean, Six Sigma, and Kaizen. In other words, the Network seeks people who are learning about Lean and at least beginning to put it to work — all the way to experienced practitioners with Black Belt certification, mentor status, and more.

Network members are listed in the LeanOhio Network online directory. They get sign-in access to this site, which allows them to post to the site’s four forums. They get first notice on learning opportunities and other events. Through their commitment to Lean, they earn a credential that conveys their expertise in an area that is increasingly valued by workplaces everywhere.

Still wondering whether you meet that key requirement of being actively interested and involved? Review the following list. If you can answer “yes” to any one of the following statements, the LeanOhio Network is for you.

• I have been involved in Lean and Six Sigma improvement efforts in my agency.
This can include value stream mapping, process mapping, SIPOC analysis, process improvement, 5S, measurement and results management (run charts, control charts, pareto charts, dashboards), and other activities relating to Lean, Six Sigma, and/or Kaizen.

• I have served as a team member on a Kaizen team.

• I have led a Kaizen team.

• I have sponsored a Kaizen event or other Lean event.

• I have attended at least one day of training in Lean and Six Sigma.

• I have Yellow Belt certification.

• I have Green Belt certification.

• I have Black Belt certification.

You might have additional experience and expertise that goes far beyond this. But as far as requirements are concerned, if at least one of the above describes you, consider joining the LeanOhio Network. Be a part of the team that’s making Ohio state government simpler, faster, better, and less costly.

Click here and complete the quick sign-up form. A staff member from the LeanOhio Office will receive your information and contact you by email.