LeanOhioNetwork.org Terms of Participation and Use

LeanOhioNetwork.org has three intended audiences: (1) Members of the LeanOhio Network, (2) people who work in Ohio state government who are not members of the Network, and (3) people who work outside of Ohio state government.

The latter two groups have view-only access to the site, plus they can use the site’s sign-up sheets to sign up for certain events and training sessions, within the restrictions (if any) that are included in the description of each scheduled sign-up opportunity.

Members of the LeanOhio Network also have access to the full site, and they too can sign up for events and sessions. In addition, members are able to post moderated comments at the site if and when they are logged in using a username and password provided by the LeanOhio Program Office. All other site visitors are unable to post comments.

To become a member of the LeanOhio Network, a person must (a) be actively interested and involved in Lean, Six Sigma, and/or Kaizen; and (b) apply to the LeanOhio Program Office using the site’s online form or be invited by the Office based on their demonstated involvement and commitment to improvement. Membership becomes official when the person is listed in the online directory and receives a username and password.

With his or her unique username and password, a Network member can log in at LeanOhioNetwork.org. This enables the commenting function, allowing the person to post moderated comments in two site locations: at the site’s “Network Forums” and in response to blog posts. This commenting function is available to Network members only, and only when they are logged in.

The site has four forums (message boards), each with a distinct focus: learning forum, help forum, results forum, and an “everything else” forum. The number and focus of these forums might change over time, but the following terms of participation and use relating to the posting of comments applies to all such message-board forums as well as to the posting of comments in response to blog posts.

1. At Network forums (message boards), submitted comments must relate directly to the description of each forum as provided on each forum web page. In response to blog posts, submitted comments must relate directly to the topic of the given post/article.

2. Prohibited comments include (but are not limited to) the following:

(a) Comments that promote or advertise products or services for sale, whether directly or indirectly

(b) Comments that are political in nature

(c) Comments that address issues relating to collective bargaining issues and contracts

(d) Comments that put individuals or groups in a negative light

(e) Comments that include harsh or foul language

(f) Comments that make reference to rumors, assumptions, or speculation

3. When a Network member submits a comment, it will be visible only to that logged-in member — marked with the notation, “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” No other site visitors, including other Network members who log in, will see the comment. Each submitted comment is placed in a queu, then reviewed by a LeanOhio staff member for approval or disapproval. Only after a comment is approved in this manner is it posted to and made visible at the site at the web page where it was submitted by the Network member.

4. The LeanOhio Program Office reserves the right to: (a) disapprove any comment; (b) remove a person’s posting privileges for any reason; and/or (c) remove a person from the LeanOhio Network.