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Listed below are additional examples of sessions and activities that typically require facilitation from a Lean practitioner. Please check all of the ones that you have facilitated:

 Kaizen scoping process in advance of a Kaizen event


 PPP (production preparation process)

 Pareto analysis

 Root cause analysis (cause and effect)

 Control chart

 Measurement-related efforts

 Process mapping

 Strategic planning


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 Informally coached another person or people on certain aspects of Lean, Kaizen, and/or Six Sigma

 Formally mentoring/coaching an individual, helping them expand and use their Lean-related know-how and skills

 Formally mentoring/coaching a team, helping group members as they learn together and put their newly acquired Lean know-how to work

For Black Belts: Update your project information

During your training for Black Belt certification, you worked on a major project -- and we would like to include information about it in the directory. This information can be included with your listing in the Network directory.

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Please attach the file of your project presentation file, so we can post it online as a learning tool. We would like to receive it in PDF format. But if it's in PowerPoint or another format and you're unable to save it as a PDF, send it as is.

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